The traditional way to eat sushi.

Connoisseurs don’t use chopsticks to pick up a nigiri, but take it with their hands.
The rice is not packed firmly – a good nigiri should fall apart in the mouth –
and chopsticks might break it. 




Press your thumb and middle finger softly on the side of the nigiri;

Step 4




Extend your index finger to the top of the nigiri;

Step 3



Pick up the nigiri from the wooden sushi tray (or geta) and turn it 180° upwards by curling your index finger.
Now the nigiri is upside down;

Step 2




Dip the fish side of the nigiri in the soy sauce. 

Step 1

A nigiri should be eaten in one bite – the chef packs it in the right size for every customer. Sushi should be eaten immediately after it is served, so you can enjoy it at the proper temperature.

To fully enjoy the specific flavours of the different fish you can cleanse
the palate in between by eating gari ginger. Gari ginger is sweet,
thinly sliced young ginger that has been marinated in a solution
of sugar and vinegar.